10 September 2006

A Tailor in Russia

I just got an order for a business suit from the Russian ambassador Mr Patsev. We have a lot of clients from the diplomatic community. I like the Russians, they always know what they want and have excellent taste. I went to Russia a while ago on a business trip to fit out some clients but unfortunately I went in February deep in the Russian winter, something I will never do again. I was invited to dinner on the yacht that sails up and down the Moskva River and it sounded cool. I decided I would walk from my hotel the Najdan Derovnia to the yacht which was moored close by, unfortunately the temperature was minus 28 degrees and the cold literally pierced through my body, but that wasn't the worst of it. After a minute my eyeballs started to literally freeze up, I could feel the liquid in my eyes freezing. UGH. I was very happy when I reached that yacht.
The trip was successful and I am looking forward to going again but not in February!

Columbia's Bullet Proof Tailor!

I found this interesting news article about a tailor in Columbia. It seems there is so much violence, kidnapping and murder in Columbia that a tailor there constructs clothes which help protect the wearer against bullets, knives and other weapons! >>>>
There may be few advantages to living in a country with an international reputation for violence, kidnapping and murder, but a Colombian tailor appears to have found one.
Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe is among Miguel Caballero's clients
Based in Bogota, Miguel Caballero's eponymous company constructs clothes which help protect the wearer against bullets, knives and other weapons.
As well as domestic customers such as Colombian president Alvaro Uribe, Mr Caballero has made good use of Colombia's notoriety to build up an international base - now boasting President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and the Prince of Spain as clients.
The selling point? "If this products functions in Colombia, you have the guarantee it will stop any type of bullet in any place in the world," the tailor told BBC World Service's Outlook Programme.
And the security conscious who also fear frumpiness need not worry. Mr Caballero's clothes, he declares, combine protection with panache.
Lighten up
Mr Caballero said that the idea came to him while still at university.
He was inspired when he saw the lack of protective clothing worn by the bodyguards of one of his fellow students.
"All the time, those guys did not use the best, because it was very uncomfortable and very heavy," he explained.
"They used leather jackets and suede jackets. I came up with a way to put the two characteristics together - security and fashion."
Miguel Caballero began by making bullet-proof leather and suede jackets, but the company has now expanded to other clothes, including raincoats, blazers, and other tops.
Colombians frequently find themselves in need of protectionAlso available are protective shorts - specially designed underwear which protects against knife attacks to sell to prison wardens.
"After we designed this line, we made a T-shirt that stops the knife in the same way," Mr Caballero said.
He said that the clothes are designed for different people - VIPs, bodyguards, and those who wanted to dress safely but also casually.
The weight of a protective jacket has been brought down from 4.5 kilos 10 years ago to 1.2.
It can withstand ammunition from weapons including a 9mm, a .44 Magnum, and a 3.57 revolver.
The products are tested by the staff themselves, in what Mr Caballero - called "demonstrations." He has himself been shot at in three such tests.
"All the new employees have to take part in a real demonstration," he explained.
"You have to believe in our products."


The autumn and winter season is almost upon us and with it we get into high gear with our overseas visits. I am really looking forward to my first trip this season as it has been several months now that my feet have stayed on dry land. The summer is quite a slow affair with most people concentrating on their well earned holidays.My calendar this season starts with a visit to Chicago. I am really looking forward to the trip as I will get the opportunity to meet up with my old friend Hiram. Hiram and I first met in 1998 when we were commissioned by his employer (the US Navy). Our first meeting was in Cambridgeshire, and we have caught up since then in Stuttgart, Denver and now Chicago. He sure gets around.
We will be in Chicago on the 20th and 21st October at the Ritz Carlton Hotel http://www.fourseasons.com/chicagorc/

05 September 2006


Side saddle riding has enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years and we have seen our equestrian department really become busy because of this. We have always had a steady clientele in our equestrian department as the hunting fraternity came back each hunting season to have their hunt coats made just before the hunting season starts. Now with the increase of side saddle riders the demand for traditional riding habits has really kept us busy!

I bet you didn't know that horse riding is the biggest participation sport in the United Kingdom out of all the sports. It is also one of the most dangerous. Horse and Hound did a survey a few years ago and discovered that horse riding is the second most dangerous sport next to sky diving. The most dangerous thing I get close to are my cutting shears! Happily though we are able to accommodate the lady side saddle riders in superbly tailored riding habits. Our cloth for these is mainly from the English woollen mill in the north of England, Harrisons of Burley-in Wharfedale, Yorkshire of course, where the best sheep roam.

We have just been commissioned to make a habit in tweed for a lady in Oxfordshire. We are taking photos throughout the process and will put them on this space as we go along.

04 September 2006

Savile Row- signs of peace breaking out

Savile Row- signs of peace breaking out; following a campaign led by Westminster City Council to ensure its continued survival is starting to bear fruit. Henry Poole Co, who have been in Savile Row for 180 years, have agreed a new 15-year lease with the Pollen Estate, a major landlord, and at least one of the other ten bespoke tailors is in negotiations on a new lease in the street. Many of the tailors had been faced with rent rises of 57 per cent as their leases came to end whilst the Pollen Estate was anxious to bring in designer brands and new offices which could afford the higher rents. Under the new lease Henry Poole will move their workshops out of the upper floors and into the basement allowing the upper floors to become offices. The Pollen Estate has also committed £50,000 to support the training of new tailors and for the improvement of the public spaces on the street.

17 August 2006



Savile Row was created with the development of the Burlington Estate in 1695 and, as with other roads in the area, was given a family name; in this case, that of Lord Burlington's wife Lady Dorothy Savile.

The Row was initially occupied by military officers and their wives. William Pitt the Younger was one early resident. During the 1800s, the gentry became more and more concerned with neat dress, and Beau Brummel, 1778–1840, came to epitomise the well-dressed man. He patronised the tailors who had started to congregate on the Burlington Estate, notably around Cork Street, and by 1803 some of these were occupying premises in Savile Row.

In early 2005, some local tailors expressed concern an increase in commercial development in the area could lead to the death of the business locally, as tailors — many of whom traditionally manufacture their suits on the premises, in basement studios — could be priced out of the local real estate market.

Other inhabitants

The offices of The Beatles' record label Apple were located at 3 Savile Row. In the basement of the building an eight-track recording studio was built. In the latter the recordings of the documentary movie Let It Be were made; other artists that were on the Apple label, like Badfinger and Mary Hopkin, used the basement studio to record their work.

As is to be seen at the end of the movie Let It Be, The Beatles gave a concert (referred to as "The Rooftop Concert", which took place on 30 January 1969) on the roof of the Apple Building. A tribute band performed a show on top of the same building three decades later, on January 29, 1999. For more details about Apple Records, consult Richard DiLello's book The Longest Cocktail Party, which reveals the inside story behind Apple.

Savile Row is situated in Mayfair, the traditional art-dealing district of London, and the eighteenth-century houses are home to a number of galleries on the upper floors, including Matthew Bown Gallery and Laurent Delaye Gallery, both at no. 11.

It is also worth noting that 7 Savile Row is the fictional address of Phileas Fogg, protagonist of Jules Verne's classic Around the World in 80 Days.

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